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Donna, A Photo Memoir of Love and Loss 

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Donna, A Photo Memoir of Love and Loss is a brave and beautiful photo-narrative of a marriage filled with heart, humor, and tears—without despair. This touching memoir pieces together a life-time of touching and magical memories, focusing on the journey from terminal diagnosis to death and a husband’s life after death. 

When Donna and Mark announced they were getting married, friends said it would never last. Donna tells the story of how and why it did last 30 years and what came before they met—including a box of never-before seen photos unaided by her voice or history.  

This book will make you rethink your perspectives on tragedy and death.

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Some readers’ comments:

“A healing exercise for the writer and the reader.“

"It is beautiful. Funny, complicated, awful, lyrical, and beautiful.”

“A complex story of love and death simply told in words and photos.”

“Raw and touching.”

“A reader’s guide through tragedy, with welcome injections of humor.”

“Donna gave Mark her cancer to care for so she could live her life.”

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